At Body By Burge Fitness Training, we take pride in giving our clients the best Personal Training services and experiences around. We offer 1200sq ft of a totally physical atmosphere featuring state of the art equipment including, but not limited to: elliptical, treadmill, functional resistance station, resistance bands, punching bags, and crazy ropes. Our amenities also include: flat screen tv’s, fully equipped surround sound stereo and towel service. We also offer a highly trained Owner and staff that make it their business to ensure a safe, healthy environment. In addition to creating an encouraging, inviting experience, each visit is personally tailored to every individual who walks through our door. All of this coupled with a fantastic balance of fun and hard work, makes the whole Personal Training experience with Body By Burge worth it all.

Click the link below for access to your PERSONAL webexercises. Email the office at info@bodybyburge.com for your personal username and password.

Meet Burgess, Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Body by Burge »

Burgess is very serious about his craft. He is knowledgeable, well informed, acutely  sensitive and in tune to the needs of each client. He developed my personalized plan, and modifies it as the situation changes. He expects that I stay focused and serious about exercise and nutrition.”

// Ernest E., Current Client